"Kilted Yaksman" Shane Aden

Shanesaw McAdenstein, or Shane Aden, the Kilted Yaksman
In this installment of Kilt Clan Profiles, meet a man who is difficult to define, and impossible to contain. People call him Shanesaw, the Kilted Yaksman, or Mean Ol' Daddy. Everyone else just calls him Sir. Between endless roller coaster laps, slogs through muddy woods, and keeping up with three irrepressible kiddos, Shane made time to tell us how he has freed himself from pants prison. –DNKE


Damn Near Kilt 'Em: It's hard to define you with a single label. In your own words, tell us who you are, and what you do. 

Kilted Yaksman: I'm a singer, comic book artist, attorney, and daddy to three amazing kids.


Outdoorsman Shane Aden hiking in his Sport Utility kilt

DNKE: That's quite a list. Looks like you spend a lot of time outdoors too. 

KY: I've been an outdoors kind of guy my whole life. I spent thousands of hours in the woods behind our house when I was growing up. I knew I wanted my kids to be at home outside, and I started getting them outside about 8 years ago.


Shanesaw McAdenstein, ladies and gentlemen

DNKE: With all that you do, why did you decide that you needed to kilt up? 

KY: My kilt is my weekend escape suit. Going to the beach, hiking in the woods, riding roller coasters at amusement parks, or carrying my kid on my shoulders through the zoo, DNKE Kilt is the all purpose adventure wear.


The dad game is strong; Kilted Yaksman and kinder-clan. And Charlie Brown. 

DNKE: Glad to hear it. A lot of people say that wearing a kilt is a shift in mindset. But there are more practical reasons too. 

KY: Definitely. First is comfort. I have large quads so I need room. It's hard to find shorts that don't look like circus tents or that are no too long. I only wear trousers to work because I have no other options.

Also, kilts get a lot of attention. Let's be honest, kilt wearers are attention seekers. We don't mind standing out from a crowd. Otherwise we would choose to wear pants and blend in.

The many personas of a larger-than-life kilt wearer

Nope, nothing to see here. Two sides of Kilted Yaksman Shane Aden. 

Temperature control is huge for me. I descend from Vikings & Highlanders. I'm always hot. A kilt allows more air flow to my legs (and more if I go regimental), so I don't overheat when I'm carrying my daughter (who is capable of walking, but not always willing) around on my shoulders.

"It's none of your damn business what I have under here."

DNKE: You spend a lot of family in a kilt. How do your kids react when the see dad getting kilted up? 

KY: My six-year-old daughter always tells me that I'm "beautiful," just like she is when I put on the kilt. My son is wanting one of his own now, so I'm making sure that he's serious before I order one. I kind of wish we were the same size, so I could order him one and hope he wouldn't wear it - then I could "borrow" his!

My eight-year-old boy likes to correct people when he he hears someone say "That guy is wearing a skirt". He'll let out a heavy sigh and say "No, it's a kilt. My dad is part Scottish." Then to me, "Geez, why don't people know what kilts are?"

Rider of roller coasters, wrangler of kits, wearer of kilts

Rider of coasters, wrangler of kids, tamer of kilts

DNKE: How do people react when they encounter Shanesaw McAdenstein, in all your kilted glory? 

KY: I've never had a single negative reaction. People love the kilt. Two super famous actors, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) complimenting my kilt when I met them. That's a big stamp of approval in my book. 

you can't get your pants wet if you're not wearing pants.

Pro Tip: You can't get your pants wet if you're not wearing pants. 

DNKE: And everyone asks questions and tries to get why you wear a kilt, right? 

KY: Yep. I have my answers ready: No, I'm not going to the Highland Games. Yes I am part Scottish. No it's not a skirt; it's a kilt. And it's none of your damn business what I have under here.


Pocket Dump: Tools of the trade for Kilted Yaksman Shane Aden include all the requisite tools of fatherhood/survival/adventure. In the pockets of his Sport Utility Kilt you'll find paracord, at least two folding knives, currency from no fewer than two different countries, a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson, and a pen. Because we all know the pen is mightier than the sword.  
Pocket contents from a utility kilt include knives, tools, wallet, keys, and a pea shooter.


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DeWitt G. Forbes

AWESOME SHANESAW, I too am a Scottish Lad myself and I am a Master Mason (of the Free &Accepted Masons) and belong to a group of fraternal brothers of the ScottishRite. Some of my fellow brothers wear their Kilts on a regular basis and I will be wearing mine soon I’ll tell ya. Thank Our God for people like yourself that sees clearly and Loves their family dearly, for there none dearer to me heart then seeing and hearing of folks as yourself. Take care my brother and remember “Always keep the road ahead of you farther then the road behind you” ….. WM. DeWitt G. Forbes

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