Become a Damn Near Kilt ‘Em Affiliate

Join our exciting affiliate program and earn commissions by promoting our high-quality kilts. Whether you’re a kilt enthusiast or simply looking to make some extra cash, our program is free to join and offers competitive commissions. Sign up today and start earning!

Important Affiliate Center Links

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Q&A for Affiliate Center

1.How much does it cost to join your affiliate program?
Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join. There are NO hidden fees, and you may opt-out anytime you wish.
2. Can I refer myself and get a commission?
If you join our affiliate program solely to refer yourself, your affiliate account will be terminated, and no commissions for those sales will be awarded.
3. I reside outside of the U.S., can I become an affiliate?
If you reside outside of the US but have US customers, then YES! If your audience resides outside the US, we will not be able to ship any orders to them.
4. How much commission do you pay?
The commission depends on the product. The current commission baseline is 10% per sale.

Commission Payments

We pay commission fees for balances exceeding $100 (One Hundred and 00/100 U.S. dollars) on the 1st of each month for sales that occurred in the prior month. For example, on November 1st, we will pay commission fees for sales made in October. We pay through a PayPal account, when you sign up you need to provide PayPal email associated with your PayPal account.

Commission Adjustments

Customer returns cause adjustments to commission fees. Also, we DO adjust commission fees for orders that we are unable to process and fulfill. For example, orders resulting from fraud would cause an adjustment.

Taxes on Commissions

You shall be responsible for paying taxes on your earnings derived from this relationship. Your commission fees may be adjusted if we are required to withhold taxes under applicable law.

What affiliate tracking system

We use GOAFFPRO for our affiliate marketing platform.