Paintballer "Reaper" David Justin

Blue Oyster Cult encourages us not to fear the Reaper. But if you met the Reaper we know, you might reconsider. Today, we're playing paintball in a kilt with the notorious international playboy and paintball promoter, "Reaper" David Justin. 


The Art of Stealth, and Playing Paintball in a Tactical Kilt 

Damn Near Kilt Em: You're pretty famous–a celebrity even–among the paintball crowd. What's a day in the life of a pro paintballer look like?

Reaper David Justin: I've been doing this for over ten years. I travel the world promoting my sport. I'm lucky to have some great sponsors, plus a plus a bunch of players who like what I am doing. They also like what I wear, buy the kilts, boots and guns I use.

Reaper believes the tactical kilt is the best kilt for playing paintball

DNKE: What makes you so unique on the paintball scene?

RDJ: I have a unique style of gameplay - I'll just sneak up behind you and tap you on the shoulder. Guess what? You're dead. Or I’ll run straight at you. Either way you’ll end up with a Reaper Death Card. Plus, I guess you could say I have a unique look.


DNKE: Yeah, the all-black evil skeleton thing. That's different. Why'd you decide to wear a kilt for paintball?

RDJ: Wearing a kilt when playing paintball is awesome for a bunch of reasons. It allows me to be stealthier for sneaking up on prey. I wear it "traditionally", if you know what I mean and it’s very comfortable in all types of weather. Plus it makes me look badass.

kilt wearing paintballer Reaper stands holding smoke bomb, covered in paint from a battle

DNKE: How does the paintball community react to seeing you playing paintball in a kilt? 

RDJ: In Europe, it’s well know and a lot of players wear them. It’s not the same in North America. It’s still unique to see other players wearing kilts. Other guys wearing kilts will give you the fist bump, even if you're the enemy. Lots of players switch from pants to a tactical kilt after seeing me play and meeting me.

tactical kilt on full display, David Justin is known as Reaper in the paintball arena

DNKE: What makes the kilt community so tight? Who chooses to wear a kilt for paintball?  

"Kilters are people who don't give a rip about anyone else's opinion."

RDJ: We're all cut from the same cloth. Type A personalities. Kilters are people who run their own show. And, frankly, we don't give a rip about anyone else's opinion.

We love kilts because they mean freedom, comfort and they look badass.

paintball ambassador david justin poses for a photo with two fans

DNKE: What's your kilt of choice?

RDJI think Damn Near Kilt 'Em has the best tactical kilt in the world. I love the MOLLE webbing for strapping on extra magazines for my pistols. 

DNKE: Where can people find you online? 

RDJ: I'm @shootusoon on Instagram

On Facebook I'm

My website is

My YouTube is

paintball player wearing a kilt and standing in front of an American flag

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