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The business end of Kilted to Kick Cancer
Kilt Clan Profiles showcases the kilt-clad characters that make up the DNKE community. We caught up with Kilted to Kick Cancer's Justin Schorr and Jason Hoschouer to hear how the decision to kilt up has helped their charity raise money and raise awareness, while also raising a glass of craft beer. –DNKE


Damn Near Kilt 'Em: You two are men of many talents and varied interests. Let's start with your charity. Give us the story.  

Jason: Kilted to Kick Cancer has been around since 2011. Justin and I were at the Highland Games nearly a decade ago and decided we needed a reason to wear kilts more often. Thus, Kilted to Kick Cancer was born. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, so for the entire month of September we wear kilts.

Justin: Since we cofounded the charity, Kilted to Kick Cancer has raised over $60,000 for Prostate Cancer Research.

Jason and Justin of Kilted to Kick Cancer

DNKE: That's incredible. Congratulations. But how does wearing a kilt play a role in the charity? 

Jason: I've discovered the kilt is an unparalleled conversation piece that naturally leads me to talk about the reason why I wear a kilt. Namely, to get men to pay attention and get their literal asses to the doctor and learn about their family history and risks for prostate and testicular cancer.

Justin: Kilts draw a lot of attention - it's a great way to turn an awkward stare into a pitch about reducing the risk of cancer.

In 2010 I was wearing a kilt in the Las Vegas airport, waiting for a flight. A woman in her 70's was looking me up and down, walking in a circle around me. She asked why I was in a kilt and I went into our usual tale about risk factors for cancer. Then this total stranger tells me her husband sometimes has some pretty serious symptoms, but he says it's normal. I assured her that her husband's symptoms are not normal but a risk for cancer and he should immediately call his doctor.

Had I been wearing pants we would not have had that conversation, and she may never have known.

Kilted to Kick Cancer's Justin Schorr putting in work

Kilted dad-mode, engage

DNKE: Kilts definitely have a way of drawing people in. What sort of person is drawn to ditch the pants and don a kilt? 

Justin: You need an outgoing personality to kilt up, but I believe that everyone has that. If you've ever worn a suit and tie, you have what it takes to kilt up. Fat, thin, tall, short–the kilt is a mindset. Confidence follows you when girls look your way and smile at your kilt (and her fella gets embarrassed).

Jason: Who is drawn to the call of the kilt? The bravest of the brave...with just a hint of recklessness. We're a tight-knit bunch because we're all willing to quite literally put ourselves out least in a stiff wind.

DNKE: What are some of the common misconceptions about rocking a kilt? 

Jason: That it's a skirt. I didn't cofound Skirted to Kick Cancer. 

"Confidence follows you when girls look and smile at your kilt." 

Justin: Underwear. It is literally Kilted to Kick Cancer policy that anything under a kilt makes it a skirt. To be clear, we're not anti-skirt, we're just traditionalists. 

And not all of us are tatted and bearded and drink micro brew. We actually only require 2 out of 3.

DNKE: But you do drink microbrews, right?

Jason: Yes. I enjoy kilts, sarcasm and the imbibing of frosty adult beverages. It's a thing. Look it up.

Justin: Home brewing is one of my superpowers. No hazy stuff, no sour, just good old fashioned ale or IPA.

DNKE: What is your kilt-of-choice at the moment? 

Justin: Gotta go with the Tactical. While my Highlander is a great everyday errand running kilt, the ability to add accessories to the kilt is essential. Being able to add accessories to the Tactical as needed is awesome.

Jason: I currently enjoy the Sport Utility. Nice all-around function and it's comfy as hell.

Jason Hoschouer answers the call of duty for Kilted to Kick Cancer

Jason Hoschouer answers the call of duty for Kilted to Kick Cancer

DNKE: Where can people go to get more information about Kilted to Kick Cancer? 

Jason: You can get more info and make donations at

Justin: And you can join the Kilted Army (and pick up a sweet shirt) at




Absolutely love everything

Jonathan Ward

Loved reading this. I am now going through treatment for prostrate cancer. It’s been over a year since I started. Still kicking.

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