Master Woodworkers, The Alexander Brothers

Kilt Clan Profiles is where we highlight the bold, kilt-clad people who make the Damn Near Kilt 'Em community what it is. In this installment, we're talking with Matt and Phil Alexander, of Alexander Brothers Woodworking. These master woodworkers go from log to finished product. This is their story.


Woodworking in a Kilt with the Alexander Brothers Woodworking

Damn Near Kilt 'Em: So you guys know your way around a sawmill. How'd you get started woodworking in a kilt? 

The Alexander Brothers: We started wood working a few years ago. We had a family farm and after chores were done we needed something to do to fill the time so we started making small items like candle holders and cutting boards. We were instantly hooked, and the business has taken off more than we could have ever imagined. Running this business has brought the two of us closer as brothers and we wouldn’t trade that for anything.

craftsman saws lumber while wearing a utility kilt from kilt brand Damn Near Kilt Em

DNKE: You certainly look like brothers. 

AB: Yeah, twins actually. 

"There's nothing better than wearing a kilt on a breezy day with sawdust flying."

DNKE: A lot of tradesmen, carpenters and construction workers wear our utility kilts; why do craftsmen like yourselves wear kilts when you're woodworking? 

AB: Gotta say it's because of the coolness factor. For real: Not only do we look cool, but we are cooler, temperature-wise. There's nothing better than wearing a kilt on a breezy day with sawdust flying. Oh, and we are Scottish so it is part of our proud heritage.

woodworker wears a utility kilt while operating a sawmill

DNKE: So you wear them in the wood shop and in public? 

AB: DNKE utility kilts are our work uniforms. When we have public events we wear them, and on the hot humid days we wear them in our wood shop. Wearing a kilt at events makes us and our brand very memorable. A person may not remember our names, but you they'll definitely remember the twins in the kilts.

Kilt-wearing craftsman gazes wistfully in to the distance, pondering kilts and Scotland.

DNKE: So people take notice. What do they say? 

AB (Phil): The first thing we always get asked is “What are you wearing under that?” Sorry ladies, we wear underwear. We are a family-friendly business after all. 

AB (Matt): One instance that comes to mind was from a craft show where were on display. An elderly lady came over and complemented us on our kilts. Then she wanted a me to spin around so she could "get a good view from all sides." So, of course I happily did a little spin for her. It's a good day when you can put a smile on someone’s face.

Two men wear utility kilts made while showcasing their wares at a crafts show

DNKE: What's your favorite utility kilt for woodworking? 

AB: We wear the Stowaway. Extremely comfortable and fits great. Love the pockets and the freedom.

a man wearing a utility kilt operates a table saw

DNKE: What kind of person is drawn to wearing a kilt? 

AB: Really anybody can wear a kilt. But it takes a special breed to actually do it. That’s what makes this community of kilters so unique and special.

A burly Canadian lumberjack putting out the vibe while reclining on a stack of logs

DNKE: Where can people find you guys on the interwebs? 

AB: Our website is You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook


Pocket Dump: Inside the pockets of the best woodworking kilt on the planet, The Stowaway, The Alexander Brothers carry the requisite tape measure, a good ol' fashioned number two pencil, their phones, and a casual amount of fresh sawdust. 


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