Damn Near Kilt 'Em

The Handiest of Carpenter Tool Bags

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Here at Damn Near Kilt 'Em we got sick of the lackluster and lame kilt accessories out on the market so we decided to do something about it. Do you ever find yourself spontaneously deciding to build something? Us too. Happens all the time. The immediate first step is assembling all the tools you're gonna need for the job and getting to work. At which point you immediately misplace all of your implements, and spend hours trying to figure out where the damn screwdriver rolled off to. Our Carpenter Tool Bag fixes that problem, with a heavy duty build and secure belt attachment to keep your tools close at hand throughout the job. Pick one or two of these up and guarantee your next building misadventure goes a little smoother than usual and you can stop buying replacement screwdrivers everytime you hit the hardware store. Treat yourself.