2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts For Your Entire List

This holiday season, it's time to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Welcome to the Damn Near Kilt 'Em 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

In a world filled with predictability, we've handpicked a unique collection of amazing kilts, vintage-inspired classics, and incomparable accessories that celebrates Scottish heritage. Whether you're shopping for a fearless warrior, a fashion-forward rebel, or someone who celebrates individuality, we've got you covered.

From our legendary Legacy Collection to the timeless Heritage Collection, we've selected the finest kilts, shirts, and accessories for your loved ones.


Gear Up for Action

The Sport Utility Kilt

We have the ultimate gift for the rugged man in your life. It's not just a kilt; it's a powerhouse of style and utility, making it perfect for the man who takes on life like a fearless warrior.

With 3 full-sized snap closure pockets, 2 side cargo pockets, and a rear pocket, it's ready to carry everything he needs. The hip-cinch straps ensure the perfect fit, and the 9-button front apron closure adds a dash of DNKE style. Crafted from heavy-duty, 100% 230 GSM cotton drill, double-stitched seams, and full-metal hardware, this kilt is built to conquer. Get it now for just $99.99 in 6 bold colors and gift him the power to rock any challenge.



Battle-Ready Style

The Tactical Kilt

The Tactical Kilt is not just a kilt; it's a gift that roars 'warrior.' Packed with military-grade features, it's the ultimate choice for the man who's always ready for action. Front and rear MOLLE webbing, suspender D-rings, and insignia attach points make this kilt a symbol of fearlessness. It's time to add some playful style to your warrior spirit. Get ready to conquer every challenge in style for just $109.99 in 5 commanding colors.




The Ultimate Dress Kilt Accessory

The King’s Sporran

At Damn Near Kilt 'Em, we craft kilts and kilt accessories that make you look and feel amazing. For a gift that combines class and style, consider The King’s Sporran. Inspired by King George IV, this elegant sporran is made of real leather and black fur, featuring a stunning metal cantle and three tassels. It comes with a chain belt that fits any waist up to 48 inches and a spacious pouch to hold essentials like your phone, wallet, or flask. Ideal for black tie events and formal occasions, The King’s Sporran is the ultimate accessory for the dress kilt.




Celebrate Her Individuality

The Victoria Kilt

The Victoria Kilt is the perfect gift for the woman who unapologetically embraces her unique style. Inspired by Queen Victoria, a powerful ruler and fashion icon, this kilt is a tribute to her spirit. Available in four distinct tartans, each with a mesmerizing color combination, it lets her stand out from the crowd. Whether she chooses red, blue, purple, or green with accents of yellow and black, the Victoria Kilt will give her the freedom to move and groove with its 16-inch drop that reaches above the knees. Adorned with two buckles and crisp pleats, it adds flair and elegance to her look. The Victoria Kilt is more than just a skirt; it's a way of life, celebrating freedom, individuality, and self-expression.




Gift the Hero Within

The Gaisgeach Kilt

For the rebel who's tired of the same old trousers, the Gaisgeach Kilt is your heroic gift solution. Named after the Gaelic word for "hero," this kilt boasts four striking clan tartan patterns, allowing the recipient to make a bold statement with every step. With a modern silhouette hitting just above the knee, it offers freedom and flexibility that pants can only dream of. The single buckle closure and precision pleats pay homage to traditional highland attire, giving your style an unforgettable edge. A bold frayed hem and a double buckle closure make this 24-inch kilt a clear message: you're not here to follow the rules. Crafted from breathable, high-quality fabric that feels softer than wool, it ensures comfort on any rebellion or adventure. Celebrate your heritage and gift the Gaisgeach Kilt, available in four iconic clan tartan patterns: Royal Stewart, Black Watch, Hunting Stewart, and Irish.




Channel Your Inner Highlander

The Jacobite Shirt

Gift the Jacobite Shirt and let the recipient embrace the fighting spirit of a Jacobean warrior. This long-sleeved tunic takes inspiration from the casual work shirts highlanders used to wear. Crafted from a soft blend of poly-cotton, it features an open collar and lace-up closure. The oversized fit allows unrestricted movement, while the steady stream of air tames the beast. These colonial shirts are perfect for daily wear, outdoor games, dances, weddings, Ceilidhs, costume parties, and festivals. Honor your heritage with this classic kilt shirt, available in five versatile colors: black, white, cream, green, and navy blue.




Unleash Your Inner Braveheart

The Highlander Kilt

Looking for a gift that says 'be bold, be wild'? The Highlander Kilt is your answer. This kilt is the canvas of your imagination, letting you create your unique style statement. With detachable pockets, grommeted belt loops, and D-ring-equipped belt loops, it's the perfect gift for the man who loves to load up with essentials or keep it sleek and powerful. You even get two detachable side cargo pockets, cloth and metal hip attachment points, and more D-rings than you'd imagine. Crafted from 100% 230 GSM cotton drill, heavy-duty snaps, double-stitched seams, and full-metal hardware, the Highlander says, 'conquer the world, look good doing it. Get it now for just $109.99 in 5 fierce colors.




Carry the World on Your Waist

The Stowaway Kilt

The Stowaway Kilt is the ultimate gift for the man who carries the world on his waist. With an abundance of pockets, this kilt has space for everything. It's designed for those who never want to leave anything behind, and that's just what the man in your life needs. With 2 side cargo pockets, 2 trouser pockets, and 2 rear pockets, it's the ultimate storage solution. Crafted from heavy-duty 100% 230 GSM cotton drill, heavy-duty snaps, double-stitched seams, and full-metal hardware. Get it now for just $99.99 in 6 manly colors and gift him the power to carry it all.




Unleash the Power of Premium Accessories

The Double Prong Kilt Belt 

Here at Damn Near Kilt 'Em, we got sick of the lackluster and lame kilt accessories out on the market, so we decided to do something about it. Our kilt belts are built from 100% high-strength materials and designed to be a handsome accompaniment to whatever beautiful kilt you are wrapped in. Don't mess with the cheap knockoffs out there; the DNKE Kilt Belts are built to look good and last. For those who need a little more storage or just like the look of a premium piece of leather in their laps, this is the belt you've been looking for. Gift the power of premium accessories and make a statement with the Double Prong Kilt Belt. Add it to your collection today for just $49.99.



We hope by now that you've found the perfect gift in our Damn Near Kilt' Em Holiday Gift Guide. It's time to gift uniquely, embrace tradition, and make a statement this holiday season. Cheers to a damn fine holiday, and may your gifts be as bold and unforgettable as the ones you're giving!