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The Gaisgeach Traditional Dress Kilt for Men - Black Watch Tartan

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Damn Near Kilt 'Em proudly produces men's and women's kilts devised to unleash the rebellious spirit within each of us. The Gaisgeach Kilt, named for the Gaelic word "hero," is designed for the rebel who’s looking to break societal rules and escape from pants-prison. Inspired by Scotland's rich and proud history, this kilt is offered in four plaid tartan patterns that feature vibrant shades of red, blue, green, yellow and black. The modern silhouette hits just above the knee, giving you unmatched freedom and flexibility. At the same time, the single buckle closure and crisp pleats pay homage to traditional highland clothing. Whether you're looking for a semi-dress kilt, dress kilt, utility kilt, tactical kilt or an entire outfit, we have precisely what you need to release your inner warrior.

  • HONOR YOUR HERITAGE - These kilts for men are offered in four world-renowned clan tartan patterns, including Royal Stewart, Black Watch, Hunting Stewart and Irish. 
  • IT’S NOT A SKIRT, IT’S A DAMN KILT - This pleated men’s kilt is 24-inches long and features a frayed hem and single buckle closure. Our Scottish kilts are expertly crafted using high quality fabric that feels like wool, only more breathable.
  • WAYS TO WEAR – Our dress kilt would be perfect for a perfect for a highland event, costume party, renaissance fair, medieval festival and much more.
  • SIZE MATTERS - Men’s kilt sizing is tricky. Get it right the first time by ordering based on your waist measurement, not your pant size. Check out our sizing chart to ensure you choose the best fit.