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Kilt Clan Profiles: Obstacle Course Racer Adam Clarke, the All American Beard

All-American Beard Adam Clarke is an electrician by trade, but his passion is competing in obstacle course racing and mud-run style courses in a kilt.  When I run obstacle course races I deal with a lot of mud and water and I like that my kilt doesn't hold water and weigh me down. "People love it. I'm usually the center of attention wherever I go. When I'm running races in my kilt, people stop me to take pictures with me all the time."

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Kilt Clan Profiles: Kilted Rocker Jason V Proulx of Organized Chaos

Rocker Jason Proulx: I think it definitely takes a certain type of person to wear a kilt these days. I started off wearing a kilt as a part of a stage show, but it bled over into my daily life, so it isn't uncommon to see me meandering around the house in my kilt now as well. I think the kilt community is so tight night for the simple fact that we are all very like minded, strong willed, independent, comfortable in our own skin, and more interested in being comfortable than worrying about what other people think.

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Kilt Clan Profiles: Kilted to Kick Cancer

Kilted to Kick Cancer has been around since 2011. Justin and I were at the Highland Games nearly a decade ago and decided we needed a reason to wear kilts more often. Thus, Kilted to Kick Cancer was born.  The kilt is an unparalleled conversation piece that naturally leads us to talk about why we wear kilts: to get men to get their literal asses to the doctor...

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